The Balkans and European Peace Building

Beitrag für Johanna Deimel/Wim van Meurs (Hg.), The Balkan Prism: A Retrospective by Policy-Makers and Analysts. München 2007, S. 453-460 

The book revisits a crucial and eventful decade of policy making and analysis in and for the Balkans. This decade has produced a unique community of international policy makers, strategists, advisors, analysts and academics permanently involved in an intense and fast-moving debate. As new trends and momentous events have redefined the parameters of the debate time and again, reflections on the fundamentals of the policy choices made and the adequacy of the analyses offered are rare. Therefore, this book written by forty policy makers and analysts from the region as well as important Western states and international organisations, takes a step back for a retrospective on a European region in a decade of wavering between conflict and reform. The book is dedicated to Franz-Lothar Altmann, the doyen of policy-related Balkan studies in Germany, but not as a classical liber amicorum. The essays have been written with a next generation in mind, students of the Balkans striving to make sense of this decade of intense debate and cumulating policy papers.


Judy Batt / Kristof Bender / Sonja Biserko / Petra Bläss / Hansjörg Brey / Martin Brusis / Erhard Busek / Fraser Cameron / Daniel Dăianu / Johanna Deimel / Gernot Erler / Anneli Ute Gabanyi / Vladimir Gligorov / Heather Grabbe / András Inotai / Josef Janning / Tim Judah / Gerald Knaus / Ivan Krastev / John Lampe / Michael Martens / Aleksandar Matovski / Wim van Meurs / Jelica Minić / Muhamet Mustafa / Martin Ney / Sašo Ordanoski / Wolfgang Petritsch / Albert Rakipi / Jacques Rupnik / Alpo Rusi / Višnja Samardžija / Michael Schaefer / Walter Schwimmer / Daniel P. Serwer / Veton Surroi / Goran Svilanović / Dimitrios Triantaphyllou / Mihai-Răzvan Ungureanu / Milica Uvalić / Thanos Veremis / Michael Weichert / Andreas Wittkowsky